The Captain’s Corner

Hi Boss 🙂 … Hi Pals ;)… Hi subjects :/… This is the Captain’s Corner.

Well this is my first time blogging, so I’m gonna need your help here gents/ladies. Feel free to find answers here, give answers here, ask questions, tell stories, share or like or comment to this blog…why? Its FREE …lol …so just talk about anything you care about.

So, let me start with my past week being so hectic due to preparations for Lloyds inspections and at the end of it came out with three minor observations. However…., there was one item that the inspector was very strict about and so he made us correct it before allowing us to sail… yeah, I imagine you’re asking what’s that… well it was our pump room’s mushroom vent that wasn’t operating “freely”, but we hadn’t receive the spares as yet to fix it, so at this moment the engineers were forced to fabricate a “flap”… long story short we arrived late at our next port, and I’m sure you know the horrors of that…

SO pals, ensure that all your vents are operating “freely” …just saying


Capt. Flint 😉


4 thoughts on “The Captain’s Corner

  1. I am Haris

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    1. Hi Haris…excuse my delayed reply… been a hectic week…how is this week onboard your ship?

      Capt. Flint ….Aarrr 😉


  2. This is very good way for seaman

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    1. Yes it can be …if we all make our valuable inputs 😉


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