The Captain’s Corner: “Cyber Fools”

Hi Boss 🙂 Hi Pals 😉 Hi subjects :-\, this is Capt Flint.

The other day I was talking with a friend of mine and his complaint was about how their computers onboard all got wiped out by a virus…yeah they were all linked as a network 😦 …long story short, no one takes the blame…hmmm. But what if it wasn’t anyone onboard to be blamed? Well it was a sad occurrence which cost them in time and money. The truth is, an anti-virus system wasn’t installed on all the computers, and wasn’t updated regularly. SO as soon the blanket was down, the bad guys entered town.

It can’t be over emphasized on how important cyber security has become in our new age. We take for granted that if it hasn’t happened as yet then it might never happen…and so we keep putting off getting our security blankets up. Don’t be fooled by that way of thinking, because you’ll never know when you’re going to be a target, or affected by mere coincidence.

This could be a topic that I can go on and on about, but I’m not one much for talking… I like to give others a chance to tell their stories on the topic too. But, I implore companies to make it a priority to turn up the heat and get their cyber securities on the beat, so install, teach and repeat. I believe many of us have heard about the Maersk NotPetya cyber breach, which cost them a huge amount of money.

And, for those crew members coming onboard with your thumb drives… hey you! Dont put that stick in, before you check with the Captain! Make sure the ship’s computer has a functional and updated virus and cyber protection software system!

Let me hear from your side if you’ve had or heard of any cyber-attacks…


Capt Flint 😉 Aaarrr

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