The Captain’s Corner: “Save our Seafarers”

When I tell people that I am a ship Captain the first expression I get from them these days is a wide-eye-fright stare with the question “aren’t you scared of those pirates?” Luckily for me I don’t have to work in those pirate prone areas, but I’m deeply concerned for those who have to. Having to hear and read the horrific stories of how many fellow seafarers have lost their freedoms and some being killed in attacks, really makes me wonder when will this cruelty end.

Hats off to the authorities who have made headway in reducing the occurrence of piracy in their jurisdictions. It is shameful however for those who keep their hands in their bosoms to allow the corruption of their governments the means to perpetuate the supply of weapons/information to criminals who claim they are protecting their waters by being pirates. The political indecision of these governments to effect spending and security approach that addresses both maritime and land-based issues, opens ways for the risk of further acts of piracy and armed robbery in areas like off the coast of Somalia.

The piracy networks are still active like a time bomb waiting for the opportunity to present itself. I would advise those of us who have not yet already started, to get fully acquainted with the collective advice of industry and military counter-piracy operations, as written in the Best Management Practices version 5 publication. As good as that advice might be, it is very important that governments play their roles to tackle the root causes of piracy in their regions…this cannot be over emphasised. Seafarers lives are on the line and they are a vital part to all industries as they help to maintain the commercial web between countries globally. Their families are hoping to see them again after long or short periods away from home, as well depending on them for financial strength. How would political ministers feel if their relatives were seafarers in pirate prone waters?

Seafarers’ Lives Matters

this is Captain Flint …arrr 😉

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